Are you a candidate for hormone replacement therapy?

For men, hormone replacement therapy can be a source of acute embarrassment.

This is because they can be ridiculed ignorantly as being effete or feminine. In other words, many men can be surreptitiously or mockingly referred to as a girl or a lady. Worse name-calling comes to mind, but this is not the place or time. Let this space rather be a source for encouragement and upliftment in helping subconscious men cope with their realities.

Let this space begin with a quiet probe in asking the question whether male readers here are prime candidates for, specifically speaking, hormone replacement therapy for men. In line with this probing thought, let us reassure the consciously masculine readers that this is not a vanity project but, more importantly, a matter of optimizing health. Your prime candidate for male specific hormone therapy will be any man advancing in years towards middle age.

You are usually in your forties. Some men are fortunate enough to only age physically in later years. But today’s prime candidates for male-specific hormone therapy are much younger. There are cases where men are genetically affected but the majority of today’s cases have arisen through poor treatment of health and hygiene. This has led to the alarming rise in diseases such as diabetes and the typical case of premature balding.

There is nothing to be alarmed at. Take early action and speak to your medical practitioner. Ask him personably about whether or not hormone replacement therapy is viable or necessary. First determinations will be made through blood tests apart from the visual diagnosis. Whether you advance in age or have treated yourself poorly previously, you usually find that you are putting on weight excessively.

Increased fat tissue can reduce your required hormone balance.